Chanpheng Vongsombath

Managing Director's Message
Indochina Bank’s ( IB Bank ) success record has proven that the right strategy was adopted since thecommencement of the business. Nevertheless, we have never been complacent about our achievement. On the contrary, we are also of the impression that there is always more we need to do in order to deliver the best results for our customers and stakeholders at large.

   Having reached where we are today is never a job that is done in one day. Over the last 13 years of our journey, we have always been proactive with the way we do business which is customer-centric. We strive to ensure that our products meet the needs of the customers. We would not hesitate to travel extra miles to provide a customized banking solution as well as financial advice to both the existing and prospective clients. We have a strong belief in long term relationships with our customers.

   In the new era of banking, technology disruption is undeniable. IB Bank appreciates the importance of technology in the daily life of our customers, thus investing heavily in this area. While convenience is one of the key objectives of technology, it however needs to be accompanied with high security. We therefore put great emphasis on making sure risks are well mitigated for our customers while using our services.

   Indochina Bank is and will continue to play a greater role in promoting and supporting the livelihood of the Lao people as well as the economic growth. This can only be achieved via strong determination of the team coupled with innovative product offering for a more enhanced customers’ experience.

   In addition to the above, Indochina Bank offers high deposit interest rates for the benefit of the depositors. As to credit activities, Indochina Bank extends loans to all sectors of the economy at very competitive rates and flexible terms. More loan products in both retail and commercial spaces have been rolled out continuously.

   At Indochina Bank, we strive hard to ensure that your financial needs are professionally and efficiently taken care of. Our specially trained staff takes every effort to serve you with courtesy in the true tradition of Lao hospitality.

On this note, on behalf of Indochina Bank and all its family members, I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks and gratitude to our customers, the regulators and community at large for the trust and support to us. We will adhere to the highest standards in our business operations likewise banking ethics. We strongly believe that when we continue to do the right things for our customers, the sky's the limit to our success.

Thank you.

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