IB COOL Mobile Banking Application

IB COOL is a product of Indochina Bank, which is a product that facilitates financial transactions by yourself, can be used through your smartphone using Android, IOS and Huawei Gallery operating system.

IB COOL has many services that make your financial transactions easy, save time and cost, convenience at your fingertips. Get help and solve problems online 24/7 with COOL CARE.

  • IB COOL Feature

360 view of customer relationship

Customers are able to view all their relationships with the bank, may it be, savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits and loans.

  • Card Management Features All cards issued by Indochina Bank can be managed via IB Cool under the ‘Card’ feature, where customers are able to block/unblock their cards for security purpose. Included Credit card payment through the application.
  • Bill Payment Services Customers are able to make payments to most if not all of their billers. Some of the billers registered under IB Cool are, Lao Telecom, Nampapa, ETL.
  • Cool Care Provided a solution to help customers to solve problems by 24/7 services.
  • Fund Transfer IB Cool is build with fund transfer feature within Indochina Bank with a limit of up to LAK500M/day. Facilitate cross-bank transfer by LMPS and M-Money.
  • Cash by Code IB Cool allows card-less ATM cash withdrawal. Easy process when generate code you can withdraw cash or share to others to withdraw at any IB ATM immediately.
  • Cool Pay With the QR code payment platform at all our merchants and partners, customer are able to make payments with ease.
  • Cool Wallet 

    It is an electronic wallet that can do various transactions without having to touch cash. You can apply to use Cool Wallet with a phone number, no need to open an account and no need to go to the bank.


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