Term and Condition

  • For Children below 15 years of age.
  • The account will be under a parent's or guardian's name on behalf of the minor.
  • Any amounts at least one a year should be deposited to avoid a dormancy fee 20.000 LAK: USD 2 or THB 100.
  • No withdrawal is allowed till the age of 18 or a minimum 5 years deposit , or withever comes first.
  • After the 18th birthday, the interest shall be inverted to normal saving rate.
  • In case of any withdrawal, interest will be recalculated using normal rate from the date the account was open and the account will be classified in normal  savings account.
  • Interest will be credited twice a year, on the 30th June and 31th December.
  • Account holders will also be enjoying the Free Personal Accident Insurance Coverage.

Products Details

The EDU SAVE PLAN is an amazing product which is specially engineered for your children. It is another milestone for you to achieve your children’s higher education.

The EDU SAVE PLAN has a combination feature of a savings deposit and a fixed deposit by providing the flexibility on the deposit amount and the frequency, as well as a high interest rate compared to the normal savings account. 

The account holders are also covered by the Personal Accident Insurance policy. Therefore, you can gain not only one but two benefits with one account.


Date : 11.11.2022

Currency LAK USD THB
Interest Rate (p.a) 5.00% 4.00% 4.00%
Initial Deposit 100,000 10 500
Dormancy Fee 20,000 2 100

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